Prebury Projects

The concept of outer burial container prebury has been an accepted practice by cemeteries for decades. There are many advantages to a prebury project; including maximum use of ground burial space, a time efficient opening and closing of the grave, ease of placing and protecting irrigation, and establishment of drain fields to insure a dry burial. Many cemeteries with high case load volume, as well as small cemeteries with minimum outside personal, like the concept of prebury. Having the outer burial container in place before opening the grave for burial is not only time saving, but insurance that the correct grave is being opened for the deceased. It is our practice to place identification of each unit before backfilling. When the grave is opened for interment the identification information should match the interment order used to pinpoint the proper grave location. Cordeiro Vault Company in collaboration with Peacock Engineering take great pride in excavation and burial unit placement and with the assistance of laser technology, all units are placed and leveled within a tolerance of 1/4”. If you are considering a prebury or just need information regarding the concept, contact the professionals at Cordeiro Vault Company for a seamless, quick, and accurate project.